Welcome to Krishna Landmark Industrial Park, situated in Bhiwandi, strategically located just 500 mts from the highway.

Our park boasts 60 ft wide internal roads, ensuring seamless vehicle movements for your business operations. With dedicated loading and unloading bays, efficiency is paramount. Moreover, ample parking space accommodates both two-wheelers and four-wheelers, prioritising convenience for employees and visitors alike.

We offer modern facilities and top-class amenities at Krishna Landmark Industrial Park to cater to the diversified industrial needs. Ranging from vast warehouses to top-class manufacturing units, it caters to every logistic, manufacturing, and distribution sector recognizing it as an industrial gala in Bhiwandi. Easy access to transportation routes and a dedicated support team ensure seamless operations. Come be part of the growth and success journey with your business at Krishna Landmark Industrial Park, Bhiwandi.

Future Ready Industrial Park in Bhiwandi

With our new Industrial Park project popularly known as the industrial gala in Bhiwandi, we take into account the shifting requirements of current and sophisticated business forces. The features we have combined, include futuristic facilities with the latest technology, sustainment and environment-friendly solutions. Servicing across multiple installations, including custom spaces and cutting edge infrastructure. Be your companion in future-proofing your business alongside Krishna Landmark Industrial Park by enhancing you at the critical space of Bhiwandi.

"Experience the perfect mix of convenience, innovation and sustainability with us."